Hippy Market (Es Canar)

Hippy Market (Es Canar)

The beauty of Ibiza, with its magical and secret corners, its spectacular weather and the heartiness of the ibicencos was what seduced the hippies in the sixties, and made a lot of them to decide to settle down in the island, still unknown by the mass tourism back then. The beginning of the Hippy Market of Punta Arabí is found in 1973, when the management of the Hotel Club Punta Arab offered the hippies the chance to sell their products to the few tourists hosted then by the hotel, original crafts or imported.

At its beginnings, the market consisted of just five stalls: Maggie with its delicious cakes, a lady from Formentera selling handmade sweaters of the wool from its own sheep, a young boy selling puppies, some kids exchanging toys and another person selling jewelry brought from India. Everything was enhanced by violins, guitars, and jam sessions. In those first days of the markets, the hippies set very basic stalls, sometimes consisting of just a carpet on the floor and the goods for sale on it.

Throughout the years, this market has become the method of subsistence for many families in the island, and also, a must visit for all the tourists who come to visit Ibiza. Reach it with our regular boat taxi Santa Eulalia Ferry from Ibiza Town, passing by Cala Llonga, Santa Eulalia y Cala Pada.

The market already has more than 500 stands and on Wednesdays of august, it receives thousands of visitors who enjoy the great atmosphere of the gardens of the Club Punta Arabí. An open space in which you can feel the most pure hippy essence, with stalls of merchants, craftsmen, exclusive artists or imported goods from the most far away corners of the world. Nothing is missing, jewelry, clothing, unique designed shoes, decoration stuff, lamps, bracelets… Unimagined items, many times difficult to find in other places. Furthermore, the place has a supermarket, and some bars and restaurants in which you will find all that you need to spend the whole day. There is no Wednesday without live music. In the Hippy Market you will find many live performances which can be enjoyed dancing or sitting with a cold beer in hand. There is a reason why the Hippy Market became a must visit in Ibiza, don’t miss it and arrive there with our water taxi while you enjoy a pleasant boat ride by the shore of the island.