Contract of carriage

These General Conditions of Carriage by Sea are displayed and available to the public for consultation prior to the reservation and purchase of tickets, both in paper format, in all sales areas at the Carrier's official ticket offices, and in digital format, on the Company's website (

This passenger transport contract shall be subject to Spanish Law, Community regulations and those International Conventions to which Spain is a party. Specifically, Law 14/2014, of 24 July, on Maritime Navigation, which is deemed to be incorporated into the passenger contract, shall be applicable to this contract of carriage.

By the passage contract, documented by the issuance of the corresponding ticket and/or boarding card, the carrier undertakes in exchange for a price, to transport by sea the passenger, and where appropriate, his luggage.

The boarding card is personal and non-transferable. The use of the ticket by a person other than the one indicated on the ticket will give rise to the responsibilities provided for by law. This ticket will not be valid for transportation if it has not been paid in full. Payment of this ticket implies acceptance of the following conditions.

Only persons in possession of a ticket and/or boarding pass for the date, time and route indicated on the ticket and/or boarding pass will board. The carrier is not responsible for the loss of the ticket/boarding card. The passenger is obliged to keep both documents for the duration of the journey. For any claim, the passenger must present a copy of the ticket and boarding pass, otherwise the claim cannot be processed.

The boarding pass holder, during the crossing, is covered by the Compulsory Passenger Insurance. The passenger is subject to the police regulations and the regulations established on board and in charge of the Captain. Santa Eulalia Ferry is not responsible for any damage or loss caused directly or exclusively by compliance with the standards, rules and orders of the competent authorities or the imprudence of the passenger or failure to comply with the rules indicated.

It is not responsible for valuables that have not been previously entrusted to the Captain for safekeeping. Likewise, it shall not be liable for any damage caused, directly and exclusively, by compliance with laws, rules and governmental orders.

The carriage of dangerous or illicitly traded goods is prohibited.

The fare for the transportation contracted by this ticket is subject to change prior to the commencement of the journey, without prejudice to the passenger's right to termination of the contract with refund of the amount paid if the variation exceeds 20% of the initial price. This ticket shall not be valid if the applicable fare has not been paid.

Any change of reservation will be made directly at the ticket office or through our website in "My Reservation", always subject to availability, paying the difference in fare if any and the processing costs.

Schedules and itineraries may be subject to variations due to breakdowns, acts of God or force majeure. In such cases, the company will take reasonable measures under control to bring such variations to the attention of the passengers affected. In case of necessity the carrier may be substituted by another carrier or use other vessels. In the event that the vessel for which this ticket has been dispatched will not perform the voyage consigned in the same, due to breakdown, fortuitous event or force majeure, the Company assumes no liability other than the obligation to reimburse the full amount of the ticket.

The passenger who does not board, for any reason beyond the Company's control, shall not be entitled to a refund of the ticket. The Company shall not be liable if the passenger misses any service as a result of late arrival, and shall not be obliged either to delay any service in order to await the passenger's arrival, or to provide a seat on another service if the passenger misses the carriage.

The passenger is subject to the regulations of police and good internal order, established on board and in charge of the Captain.

Any reservation with day and time will serve only and exclusively for the date and time indicated, being necessary to make a change of reservation to use that reservation at another time or day. The Company may refuse to transport any person who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs or whose behavior is considered a threat to the driver or other passengers. No refunds will be given in any of these circumstances.

For the purposes of the provisions of Law 37/ 1992, of December 28, 1992, on Value Added Tax (VAT), VAT shall be charged at the reduced rate of 10% as it is a maritime passenger transport activity (art.° of Law 37/ 1992). Other ancillary services on board, such as on-board consumption, are taxed together with the main transport operation.

Disputes arising from the interpretation, application or execution of the contract of carriage shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Commercial Courts of Palma de Mallorca, without prejudice to the consumer's right to resort to alternative dispute resolution in consumer matters.